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Toya Spa

Toya spa represent spa combining traditional concept of Bali with using water media and also giving professional service. Toya spa in its from tip of hair until tip of foot can send you in phase of relexasi, rejuvenation, freshness, beauty and balance body and also peacefulness of soul.

Bali Ratu Spa

The greatest relaxation & esthetic spa in Bali. “RATU”is the meaning of queen in Balinese. Try the taste of natural traditional Balinese treatment. If you spend the elegant and luxurious time like a queen, your heart & body will be healed.

Galuh Bali Spa

Galuh Bali with the 20 beds, meditation room, swimming pool, body steam jacuzzi, locker room, and nice garden to make refresh your mind. With a professional and experience therapists in your treatment will give you and excellent therapy care for refresh your mind and body.

Baliwis Spa

A warning Balinese treatment to exfoliate improve blood circulation and stimulate new cell growth with Balinese Traditional Scrub. All the Baliwis Luxury Spa Villa Package included Jaccuzi and Baliwis Jet Pool.